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Fragrance Pendants
Bearing Balanced™ Pendulums
Remembrance Chamber Pendants
   Gemstone Chambers
   Gemstone Healing Pendulums
   Gemstone Copper Energy Ring
   Gemstone Leaf Motif
   Metal - Chambers
   Metal - Multi-Metal
   Metal - Professional Quality
   Pyrex Glass Chamber
   Egyptian Pendulums
   Grab Bags
   Key Rings
   Moldavite Pendulums
   Mother Earth Magnetic
   One of a Kind
   Wiccan Pendulums
   Workshop Pendulums
Rose Gold
Pendulum Kits
   Single Pendulum Kits
Sacred Symbols
Modular Divination
   Modular Pendulums™
   Modular Tops for Points
   Necklace Pendulums
Pendulum Board Charts
   Gemstone Selector
   Glow-in-the-Dark Charts
   Focused Intention Charts
   Pentagram Charts
Wallet Cards
   Single Cards
   Six Packs - Wholesale
   Wiccan Altar Glass Plates
   Wiccan Dowsing Boards
   Wiccan Pendulums
   Wiccan Plate & Board Stands
Scrying Mirrors & CD
Pendulum Dowsing Boards
Supercharge Divination Kit
Dowsing Rods
   Basic L-Rods
   Moldavite L-Rods
   Multi-Metal L-Rods
   Glow-In-The-Dark L Rods
Clearance & Closeouts
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Terms & Conditions


Xeonix Inc. accepts all major credit cards and PayPal. Wire transfers for export orders is also accepted.

We do not ship COD.

Merchandise can be returned within 15 days after receipt of delivery for any reason. Please email us for a RMA number. After 15 days there is a 20% restocking charge for merchandise in the original, unopened package and in sellable condition. Customer pays the freight/postage for all returned merchandise unless it is defective.

Xeonix will replace any merchandise at our expense, including return freight, for defective goods during the warranty period.

Merchandise that has been broken or damaged by the customer will not be replaced for any reason.

Warranty: Imported goods: 30 days. Goods made in USA: 1 year.


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